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Blond Spray, Syoss, Invito shoes (vrijdag 4 juni 2010 / 01:22)

Hey Everyone,

I'm about to go outside right now and buy some SYOSS products which are in sale.

Soo I bought them yeahh! I'll use/try them for a month or so and then give you guys my review. My hairtexture is like straight but not perfectly straight. So it's not pin-straight like a lot of asians have.

Yesterday I used a blondspray to get my hair lighter then it usually is. 6 weeks ago I dyed it but you couldn't actually see a difference, unless the sun was shining on my hair. That's why I decided to use the blond spray because it says it will make your hair 1 to 2 shade lighter. And now I'm waiting to see some differences.

This is the blondspray I'm using and yes I know that you shouldn't use it on darkbrown-black hair but I don't really care. ;P

And I'm going to pick up my shoes @ the invito store. (Still didn't do it...)

I'll post more later.

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