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Church, Invito sandals, (zondag 6 juni 2010 / 06:07)

Hey Everyone,

I got up @ 8:30 to get ready for church & stayed there till 12 o'clock.
The preach was about the Ten Commandments, to be precise the 8th one.
Which loud: You shall not steal. Everyone has stolen something in their life, I think...

Oh and remember the invito sandals I had to pick up from the store...I went to the store today and well they turned out to be not quite what I expected...They aren't that flattering on my feet, so I'll bring them back to the store tomorrow. is a online shop where you can buy almost everything for your hair like flat-, curling- & waver- irons etc. I wanted to buy an flat- & curling iron for so long but I thought/still think that the shipping costs are way too high T_T. It's $49.95 and in my case even $61.95 (package weighs more then 3 pounds)... Soo that's kinda crazy @@

Now the great thing is that my friend' parents are going to spend their holiday in NY and I can choose for the Standard shippping option (which is free! within the us) The only problem is that they will be there till July 15th and the delivery time takes 1-7 days. The package will arrive too late if it takes exactly 7 days to send/deliver the package. I don't know what to do...I've already send Folica an email about the exact delivery time to a certain place soo all I can do is wait...


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