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Dress, Eclipse, Braces (maandag 28 juni 2010 / 11:52)

Hey Everyone,

Here are the pics of my dress!

Do you like it ;D? ♥
I'm wondering, how I'm going to survive in this dress because the weather forecasts indicated that it would be 30 degrees on friday! (yes my graduation ceremony will take place on Friday ;) Ugh that means I'll sweat my ass off ! @@ I don't even now if my school has air-conditioning... probably not. My school is too poor for that. ;P

eclipse1.jpg Eclipse image by findstuff22

OMG It's almost there... The third movie of The Twilight Saga films series is coming out in theaters on June 30! I can't wait to see it ;D The Eclipse premiere was on June 25 (last friday) in LA. Here are some pics of the event!

R. Pattinson & k.Stewart looked so cute together!

Anna Kendrick's dress is GORGEOUS ;d and she looks fabulous!

Not to mention that I'm getting my braces taken off on Wednesday the 30th! WOEHOEEEEE

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