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Graduation dress (zondag 27 juni 2010 / 12:08)

Hey Everyone,

Do you remember the pics of the three graduation dresses, I saw online. Well I found out that the dresses weren't in stock and they would be available again at the end of July. Soo I was looking and shopping for my graduation dress the whole weekend including friday. Which was very frustrating because I couldn't seem to find a nice dress. But today I finally found one which I really like! (Thanks to my little sis) The only thing is that it's black whereas I wanted a dress in a bright colour. But yeah that's oké :')

Tomorrow I'll take a picture of it and put it up @ my blog. It's already 21.45 p.m here in The Netherlands and it's getting dark outside. The quality of the pic would be kinda bad if I did take the picture right now.

I'm going to wear these high heels! What do you think of them ;D

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