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Yesterday, Sandals, New Camera, Soccer/Football (maandag 14 juni 2010 / 01:11)

Hey Everyone,

Yesterday I went shopping with my little sis and I didn't buy anything. ;( I want the summer SALE to start right now! Ugh I hate it when you see something nice and the next time you want to buy it, it's gone... That really sucks. Soo my advice if you want to buy something, BUY IT otherwise you'll Regret it...

Like the gladiator sandals I saw @!

I wanted them in size 4 ! T_T

Noo I don't have a new camera but I want one soo badly. Not a digital one but one like these:

Not that I know how to work with it but yeah... If you know a good camera like this or things I need to pay attention to, let me know!

BTW I don´t have a camera of my one. I share one with my brother but he has it ALL THE TIME, that´s why I have few photo´s of myself etc.

YEAAAAAAAAÀAAAAÀAAAAAAAAAAAAH NL(The Netherlands) vs. Denmark and we WON with 2-0. Woehoee! They didn't play very well in the 1st half though ;d, the 2nd half was more impressive. I'm looking forward to the next match which is on July 19th Netherlands vs. Japan

It's orange all over the Soccer City stadium !

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