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Beach hairstyle (vrijdag 16 juli 2010 / 13:35)

Hey Everyone,
Remember the beach hairstyles that I was talking 'bout. And that I promised the info about the way you create these hairstyles. Well here it is:

Choose your best beach hairstyle!

De French Braid

This hairstyle of Ivanka Trump is very chic and is perfect to wear to the beach.
The braiding of Ivanka requires some technique.

Make a middle part and make sure that your hair is tangle-free. Then you do a dutch braid on both sides. Don't take too big sections for your braid because you want it to look as refined as Ivanka's look. This way you've to braid your hair till the end and clip it at its place with some bobby pins. Finish up with spraying your hair with a hairspray which has a UV filter and you're ready for the beach!

Glamour Beachwaves

I understand that after a day at the beach, you want to wash your hair so badly. However, don't washing it in combination with braids can give you some GORGEOUS waves! Like the waves Nicole has in the pic above.

So part your hair into two sections and braid your hair. You've to leave them in for like a night or so if you want the waves to stay all day. Use a spray like Bumble and Bumble Surf spray before you release your braids for a even more beachy look. Then you gently take the braids out and comb through your hair with your fingers. Scrunch your hair to define some loose waves. To make the look more sophisticated you could use a shine spray. Too much hairspray can make your hair greasy so avoid that!

Chic Wetlook

The sun is disastrous for dyed hair. Especially when you have dark colored hair, you won't be happy if the sun lightens it up. To avoid this you can use a hair mask for dyed hair. These have a UV filter so the sun doesn't get the chance to lighten up your hair color.

Don't rinse the mask off if you want to go for a chic wetlook! Part your hair on the side and comb your hair through. Then put your hair in a low ponytail or tie it in a low bun. This way your hair will be protected from the sun and chlorine. (If you go swimming in a swimming pool)

Casual Bardot

The next morning after the beach your beachy waves have probably disappeared. Your hair has still a little bit texture which is the prefect base for a sexy and casual Bardot coupe. And the good part is, that you don't have to use any heat or tools.

To create this hairstyle, you've to brush the upper part of your hair to the back. Leave the hair at the front hanging loose. Grab the hair together that's just above your ears and your crown and push it forward. Pin it down with some bobby pins. For extra volume you can lightly backcomb your hair on the crown. That's how easy it is!

OMG I'm in love with the songs by Usher ft Pitbull, Ginger Ninja & Corey Jarell! 2 Totally different music genres ;d yet I love it!