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Fall ! (vrijdag 1 oktober 2010 / 13:31)

Hey Everyone,

Long time no post! (I know) Sorry 'bout that, but my i-net wasn't working for 2/3 weeks or so. Which suckeddd! And I've been kinda busy with school and stuff. So forgive me ! (: I'll try to post more this month, but I can't promise anything.

OMG Gossip Girl Season 4 has started! I've watched the first three episodes and I loved it! Welcome backkk. It's so cool that they were actually in the city of LOVE haha. Funny that they had parts in it where they spoke French. I love listening to French but really learning that language was so difficult and complicated with all those rules... (and after six years my French is still bad lol)


The fashion from GG is ALWAYS gorgeous and inspiring :)!
BTW I found this website which has their fashion on her site! :
def check that out. It's a beautifull site.

Talking about fashion.
It's time for layering clothes, accessoires like hats/scarves/boots and fall's coolest coats! I love fall if it's not raining! ;D In the next video you'll get the latest trends in coats and they'll show you how to update your wardrobe for this season! How cool's that! ;)

Source Popsugar

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