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Forever 21 opening in the NL! (donderdag 14 oktober 2010 / 13:01)

Hey Everyone,

You might already know this, because this news has been all over the beauty/fashion sites and even in some newspapers of The Netherlands. But in case you didn't, the american store `Forever 21´ will be opening it stores in The Netherlands too! Although we've to wait till 2012 (some say 2011), I´m still very excited!

I mean the store is just like H&M; it's very trendy and has fashions at the greatest value. What else can we ask for?! Well lower shipping costs ofcourse, but not anymore :).

^ It's soo cute, right?! I think that it will be one of my favorite shops! Just like H&M is but yeah EVERYONE is wearing H&M because it's affordable and for many other reasons.

Oh and the big flagshipstore @ the dam square is also opening soon! My little sis told me that you can actually see the outside of the building now! (Yes it was covered).