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DIY: X-mas trees (maandag 6 december 2010 / 11:00)

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posts but I've been busy with studying and writing essays and all that stuff. Not to forget that I've to study HARDER because I'm going to London on December 16th and will be staying there till December 20th. Soo excited about that! :D

I've found a super cute DIY tutorial for you guys!

As you can see it has the shape of a X-mas tree! It's super cute and not hard at all.

For 2 trees you'll be needing:
  • A printer
  • (Off white) paper
  • Sate bamboo sticks/skewers
  • Glue stick
  • A pair of scissors
  • Ruler

  1. - Print the strokes which you can find on this site; HERE ~ mouse over to see the link
    - Cut the strokes while following the dotted line. You'll need 4 strokes per tree.
    (You can also use your own patterned paper)
    - The strokes must have two sides so glue one stroke with the houses on one stroke with the stripes.

  2. Glue the first stroke on to the second one and continue this with the rest of the strokes.

  3. Pin this long stroke on the skewer . Starting at the place of the arrow and dot. Look for the next dot and pin it also on the skewer. Go on until you're on the top of the skewer again.

  4. Finally, cut out the apples and glue the front- and the backside to each other. Place this on the top and you're done! :)

I would love to try this but not on a cupcake but on something else... but what... :p

Good luck!

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