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OOTD - Outfit of the day (celebrity) (zondag 16 januari 2011 / 16:43)

Hey everyone,

Most of you girls all know Chloë Sevigny (36). She has been known for her incredible taste of fashion and has been labeled as 'It girl'.

Now you can also pull off one of her stunning looks with understated pieces! In the photo she's wearing a long dotted blouse with a high waisted denim shorts. Then she layered it with this beautiful white ruffled coat. And as for accessoires she goes for trendy ankle boots and a black clutch.

It's simple but super cute for a special occasion. You can pair it up with black tights or a legging to make it more wearable to school! I've to admit that it looks more like a spring look but hey, spring is around the corner! :)

Can't wait to leave the cold weather behinddd... ♥

Shoes: H&M for €39,95
Coat: Oasis for €88,-
Denim shorts: Topshop for €35,86
Blouse: French Connection for €25,10 (SALE)
Clutch: ASOS for €19,23

Source Glamour